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Working Hard Versus Working Smart Versus Hardly Working

I was hanging out and chatting on one of my favorite blogs ( and one of my favorite speaker friends Marilyn Sherman ( commented that I was one of the hardest working motivational speakers she knows. And I was flattered because who doesn’t like being called a hard worker? It’s a value trait I aspire to have. But then I realized something I have found to be true (at least in my business anyway) and that is that working hard doesn’t always get you as far as working SMART.  I worked hard for a lot of years and it didn’t get me anywhere. Working hard on a speech doesn’t do you much good if you haven’t worked on getting someone to pay you to speak. Working hard on your accounting doesn’t matter if you aren’t working hard on having a website that convinces them to buy from you. In short, working hard doesn’t always serve the business owner in and of itself. You have to make sure you are working smart. In fact, if you work smart, you won’t have to work as hard. Ironic, eh? And then there’s the category of hardly working, which seems to have caught many folks who spend a lot of energy and time sitting around talking about how they are not getting any business. I guess you could say they are working hard at wondering why what they are doing isn’t working -  which when it comes to getting business equals hardly working. And then there’s the one who spends more time talking about how hard he’s working than actually working.

So at the end of the day, it’s okay to take a moment and pride yourself on your hard work. But stop and think about how SMART you worked today. That’s what mattered most.

Your wacky motivational speaker who is ready to sign off and go visit the land of hardly working for a while. It has its benefits too.


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