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Motivational Speaker Kelly Swanson hits Robinson, Illinois

Hello Robinson, Illinois, population 6,000. I love your town and I love your people.I love the farmers who didn’t mind me stopping them in between corn fields to tell them I was lost, again. I love that the ladies working the desk at the only hotel in town greeted me like a star. I love that you have a Super Walmart where I was reminded that people are often the same wherever you go. But most of all, upon first impression, I LOVE that you have your heroes posted on every street, on the trees and on the poles, adorned with ribbons and flowers and cards and photographs. I love that I drive through town and see the names and the faces of those you call your own who serve their town and their country, and my family’s freedom. I love the flags in the windows and the walls with names etched into them. I read every name and I prayed for them, and I prayed for you. And I was blessed to witness this – a town that hasn’t forgotten their empty seats. Thank you Robinson, Illinois for reminding me what’s really important.

And I haven’t even done my show yet! Wow. I love being a motivational speaker.

Your favorite, and maybe only once again surrounded by corn, motivational speaker Kelly Swanson

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Location:Robinson, IL

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  1. Lisa Blake09-13-11

    Loved you tonight. You are awesome!!!!!

  2. kelly09-14-11

    Thanks Lisa! Ya’ll were AWESOME too!!!!!!

  3. Cindy Bradham09-15-11


    Your presentation was so moving. I laughed with you and with the crowd. I also cried. I lost my husband of 30 years last November and I would love to hear him breath at night and I would love to have that mold of his hand to hold when I’m frightened. You inspired me. For the last several years I have really wanted to be a professional speaker. I speak for the Alzheimer’s Association occasionally but I would really like to “speak” for a living! Your words have got me thinking again, there is nothing holding me back, except me. I would love to hear more words of wisdom, tips, tricks, etc. I can’t thank you enough for encouraging me. Hopefully I will achieve my goal this time.

  4. kelly09-16-11

    Hi Cindy! Thank you for the KIND words! I’m happy that you laughed, and I’m happy that you were inspired. And I’m happy that you were motivated to get out there and make your dreams come true. If you want to be a professional speaker then be one! Don’t wait for approval, don’t wait for permission, and don’t wonder if you can do it – tell yourself you WILL do it. And then go out there and speak anywhere they’ll let you. Get better and better and better and more opportunities will open up. I’m here to be with you along the way. So when you have a question – just ask. By the way – I’d love for you to let someone with the event know your feedback -so please tell the people you contacted to register. I’m sure they would like to know how I was received by all of you. And you can also go to my page and leave a testimonial there! Thanks! Let’s stay in touch!

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