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Boise Airport, 1:45 pm, Arrivals Lounge

24 Jun Posted by in Uncategorized | 3 comments

Yes, I am in the Arrivals Lounge of the airport in Boise, Idaho. Why the Arrivals Lounge when I’m leaving? Because my flight doesn’t leave until 7pm and they won’t even take my bags until 4. So now I’m not only sitting bored in an airport, I’m sitting bored outside the airport, waiting to get past security so I can sit bored inside the airport.

This is the down side to being a motivational speaker -airports. Exciting when I’m on the way. Not so exciting when I’m on the way home, and I’m tired, and my chipper disposition has turned to mild aggravation.

So I’ve decided to spend this time with you. Whoever you are, I’m not sure, but if you are bored enough to be reading my posts, then maybe I should feel less sorry for myself and more sorry for you. But even so, I’m glad you’re here.

Sit tight, because I’m about to start posting my fanny off. And if you’ve seen my fanny, then you know we’re gonna be here for a while.

The theme for today is simply Random Observations From An Airport. So you know I will never run out of material.

I’ll keep you posted. Ha, ha. Get it? Posted? I know. I’m brilliant. See you in a little bit.

Oh, yeah, and observation number one: After watching people for an hour already, it is quite clear that my fanny is the now the new skinny.

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Location:Boise, Idaho

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  1. Tina06-24-11

    This made me laugh. I’m not bored…I’m just somewhere I don’t want to be. Grateful for you lightening up the mood! And, btw, who the hell goes to Boise?!

  2. Kelly Swanson06-24-11

    Hi Tina. Glad you are here with me now in Boise. I will tell you who goes to Boise, speakers who get paid to go to Boise. Spoke to Idaho Association of School Business Officials. Beautiful state. Wish I got to see more of it than Starbucks and the Doubletree Hotel!

  3. Louise Burmeister07-06-11

    Everytime I read your posts I feel as if your writting is improving, see it from the day one.

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