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Random Shoe in the Road

19 Oct Posted by in Random Observations | 1 comment

Why is it every time I’m out driving I end up seeing a random shoe in the road? Just one shoe lying on its side in the middle of the road. Sometimes a tennis shoe – sometimes a work boot – sometimes a slipper. Never a set – just one. Why is it there? And where is the other shoe? And how did that one shoe get there in the middle of the road? Was it thrown out by a group of late night one-legged fairies who had no need for a set? Is it random – or perhaps something put there for only me to see? A sign that maybe I need to hold my “tongue” or fix my “sole” – a sign that I need to “heal”. 

Or maybe that was the one shoe who had the courage to escape - to get away from a calloused life of bunions and walking through manure – hot trips to Disney World bearing the weight of a three hundred pound man in search of a fried Snickers. And the poor shoe planned his escape, but only made it as far as the highway, never having received the lecture on looking both ways.  

And it’s always a man’s shoe (except for the slippers). You never see a cute clog or a spiked heel, or a Jimmy Choo. Maybe that’s because if a Jimmy Choo ended up in the middle of the highway a woman will throw herself in front of a bus to get it. Who cares if it’s only one – if it’s cute enough, she’ll cut off her other leg to have the excuse to wear it.

Perhaps you can shed some insight. Perhaps you are sitting at home wondering why it is that you only have one shoe in your closet. Maybe you were out driving and saw one too and got excited about the idea of a free shoe -stopped to pick that shoe up and got hit by a truck and now you’re in traction and can’t wear any shoes at all. Ah the ironies of life.

Or maybe you are reading this and your heart is racing and you are feeling a call to save the lonely shoes on the highway – to be a lone shoe rescuer – your mind is already jumping to fundraisers and sponsored marathons – oh dear, what color will the arm bands be?  Damn that chronic dry eye group who just took periwinkle!

Maybe you can tell me where these shoes came from and why they are there. Or maybe it’s just one of those things in life that simply is. Like the pair of shoes with tied laces that just hung themselves over the telephone line. Oh, the horror.

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  1. tiziana10-19-10

    Kelly, I have my theory on this….. dogs. See, dogs will always steal a shoe. If unnoticed, they will go back and steal the OTHER shoe, and if everything goes according to plans, at least one of the chewed shoes will be returned to its rightful owner, slubbered, on its side, in a corner of the room, but never too far from the smirking dog. The other one, is not abandoned, rather stratigically positioned on the asphalt, as a symbol of sole abundance in someone’s crowded shoe rack. No one will miss it and it will remind the random dogs passing by of the existence of the tasty toy in their owner’s closet. … I’m just saying…. just a theory…..!!!

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