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I Love You Aluminum Foil

03 Nov Posted by in Random Observations | 1 comment

I don’t say it enough, but I love you aluminum foil. For as far back as I can remember, you were there, wrapped around the antennae on the black and white TV. You were the reason we got that fourth channel. You sat patiently while we argued over who was hotter, Marcia or Brady. I think you even lasted longer than the TV. Thank you, aluminum foil.

You got me through class projects – the solar system, the colonial village replica, the volcano that erupted in the middle of gym glass that made Ms. Rockett think somebody had been stabbed, and saved me from dodge ball. Oh, thank you aluminum foil.

You were the reason my Halloween costumes rocked. You were why our cat Sparky entertained us for hours when we taped you to his feet. All those moments when I was bored and chewed on you to feel the jolt of electricity you made when connected to my fillings.

You are the reason I don’t need bakeware. You breathed life into my baked potato. Thanks to you I don’t have to wash a crusty pan. You have been with me through more holidays than I care to remember. You made holidays special, which is more than I can say for your third cousin, tequila. I know – you’re a distant cousin.

I know that sometimes I forget you in my self-consuming love for duct tape. Sometimes I forget to turn to you first – thinking plastic wrap is the answer. I know – plastic wrap and I have a sordid history. I should have broken up with plastic wrap a long time ago, but he keeps coming around claiming to have changed.  And you get pushed in the back once again, just because you don’t come in red and green.

But I do love you aluminum foil. Now and forever.

Coming soon: I love you Spandex.

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  1. aluminium extrusion plant05-18-11

    Its been nice to go through your post. You made me smile. Looking forward to many more posts from you. Thank you.

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