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My blog is up and running. Now what?

22 Sep Posted by in Random Observations | 5 comments

Okay – the pressure is killing me – what to post on my first official blog. I’ve got to come up with something extremely witty or you won’t keep reading. I’ve got to be very deep and insightful or you will find me trite (even though I’m not really sure what trite means and, sorry Mom, but I’m way too lazy to look it up). I’ve got to come up with something really good – this is like a first date and first impressions are everything, and we both know what happened the last time I had a blind date when I’d lost five pounds and thought I looked cute in that tank top. I’ve got to be fascinating and skinny and filled with quotations about peace. Okay, let’s face it – I’ve got nothing. My mind is a blank slate – the only thought rolling around the dark chasm of my mind, is whether Who’s The Boss is still on TV. In a world where over achieving is the norm – I am desperately average. But I have a theory on that.

2009Headshots 005scaleddownOur society always prides itself on those who break out of the mold and embrace their authenticity and individuality – the whole it’s-not-talent-but-unique-that-wins-American-Idol concept. So if our society is filled with people who are constantly trying to out achieve (word?) each other – then eventually being an over achiever will no longer be something that stands out, but rather the norm. And who will rise to the surface as the most unique mold-breaking group? The underachievers. We will have our day. We will get noticed. And so that’s my plan – to wait – and continue my relentless pursuit of average. Until one day, they say average is the new cool. See you there.

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  1. Random Blog Reader09-22-09

    Sweetie – I never said you were average. I might have said you were below average, but never just average. And where did you get those awful streaks in your hair? Bless your heart, was your hair dresser sick when she did that? I haven’t seen this photograph before – was this taken before you put on the weight? It looks nice. Hope you can come for dinner.
    Love, Mom

  2. Elizabeth Hagen09-30-09

    Love it!!! I will definitely follow your posts but I don’t see a place to subscribe.
    Ok, that comment isn’t really from your mom.

  3. Meg09-30-09

    Girl, you crack me up… I look forward to reading your blog often so get crackin’ :-) And did you write that comment from your mom?

    Great picture, btw


  4. kelly09-30-09

    Glad you liked it. I’ve fixed it so you can now actually sign up to get the blog. Duh. No, my mom didn’t write that comment. Are you kidding. I’m still trying to teach her email. Would she say that? You betcha. :)

  5. kelly09-30-09

    Hi Elizabeth. I’ve fixed the blog so that you can sign up for it. Still learning how this all works. I’m enjoying getting to know you on Facebook. Kind of makes you feel like I’m stalking you doesn’t it! :) And, no my mother didn’t write that comment. She’s still at email stage. But I can soooo hear her saying that. :)

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