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What Will You Do Today To Get One Step Closer To Your Goal?

27 Jan Posted by in Motivational Speaker | Comments

motivational speakers achieving goalsI’m all about dreaming big – it’s my mantra. As a motivational speaker, I came to the point where I realized that when I dreamed for good enough, good enough was what I always got. Wish I had learned that sooner – but reaching our dream is a process, not one big jump. And sometimes you just can’t rush the process. I look back  on my career and realize that if I had reached my dream then, I wouldn’t have been ready – and reaching it then might have actually been a bad thing.  And so I buy into the words of someone who said, “Shoot for the moon, and you’ll always land in the stars.” But many of us stop at creating that big dream.

We create this dream – this vision – and then it hangs in front of us like some giant mountain that we have no idea how to climb. And it seems to get bigger and bigger until we are scared of it. And we tell ourselves, “I can’t do that”, and we walk away. And we feel like a failure. And we beat ourselves up for dreaming at all. And we burrow back down into our comfort zone.

Is this you? If so, then have no fear. You just need to know the next step. You have the dream – you see where you are going – now you need to see what it will take to get there. If you want to be a famous singer, then you need to take singing lessons. If you want to be a speaker, you need to learn to speak, write a speech, learn how to sell it. If you want to own a company, you need to go take business classes. It’s that easy. Make a list of what it will take to get you from where you are stuck, to where you want to be. This is where many of us freak out – because suddenly that dream looks like work. And we never signed up for that. And if you didn’t think work was part of the process, then go ahead and walk away from that mountain. You don’t deserve it if you aren’t willing to work for it.

And if you think it was supposed to come quickly – that there is a short cut or a quick fix – think again. It is a slow steady race, not a sprint.

So come up with a list of things you need to do. Many of us get stuck here. Because now we have this huge seemingly insurmountable list. And, yeah, it is a big list if you think you have to do it in one gulp. But you don’t. You pick one thing – one step – and just take that. You can look at the next step tomorrow. But today just focus on that one thing. Confused about what that one thing should be? Then put your list in order of priority. Then shoot for number one.

And many of us will get stuck here – burying down under the warm covers, hitting the snooze button because we don’t want to get up. And here is where the proverbial rubber hits the road. Because here you have a choice. I can’t make it for you. And as much as I cheer you on, you are going to have to want this for yourself. You are going to have to want it bad enough to GET UP! If you don’t - quit whining.

Big dreams happen in tiny steps – so what tiny step will you take today? But even more important – will you take it?

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