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We Don’t Care Who You Know!

09 May Posted by in Motivational Speaker | Comments

As a motivational speaker, I talk about connecting with people – more specificially, how to create an instant bond and rapport to establish trust and respect, in order to get what you want. I know, that’s a mouthful. I watch people who influence others, to see what it is that makes them powerful. And while I look for things that work, I also look for things that don’t. And one thing that doesn’t work is name dropping. Yet somehow many people have come to this idea that we will respect them for who they know. And it’s simply not true. That will not gain you instant trust from your audience. In fact, I think it might actually work against you in most cases.

Here’s the deal: WE DON’T CARE WHO YOU KNOW.

Shocking, I know. But we don’t. So resist the urge to tell me you were on Oprah. Fight the temptation to show me pictures of you and the President. Don’t start your sentence with, “When Mother Theresa and I were having lunch…”  You can find other places to show me what you’ve done and who you know. But when we are face to face, be you. I’m not judging you on who you know. I’m judging you on who I see. Just show me you – the real vulnerable authentic you. I promise it’s good enough.

Much love,
Your wacky movtivational speaker who was never on Oprah.


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