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Tribute to Correctional Educators by Motivational Speaker Kelly Swanson

18 Aug Posted by in Business, Motivational Speaker | Comments

Correctional Educators Tribute…
by motivational speaker, Kelly Swanson

We all hit those potholes in the yellow brick road of life
Some shallow and temporary, others laden with strife

And there are often few who stop to notice our pain
Few who amid the noise will hear our cries in the rain

There are those who blame and say we got here by choice
And for that, we are undeserving and have no voice

And often we believe them and become resigned to our fate
Thinking it’s over, that it’s simply too late

And then someone comes along at the perfect time
Call it fate, a whim, or an appointment divine

To look us in the eye, whisper in our ear
It’s not over, your role of victim ends here

They come alongside us like a gentle wind
Simply sharing the grace and forgiveness once bestowed upon them

You come along in dismal circumstances
You aren’t just teachers, but the givers of second chances

The ones who come along to remind us
That the choices we’ve made don’t have to define us

Who tell us there can be a new way
You teach them how, you show up every day

You see past excuses, past ridicule and shame,
And fill them with hope as you cast aside blame

You don’t just give knowledge and tools they can use
You give back their pride and self respect too

You take one step forward and watch them fall
You struggle, knowing you can’t save them all

And still you give and give once more
Even on days when you’ve forgotten what you do this for

Because you care and know that even saving just one
Is enough to be proud of what you’ve done

And so I pray in those days when the mountain is high
When you think you don’t have it in you anymore to try

That you will remember the value of your vocation
That you’re fighting crime, through education

May you find the strength and faith to make it through
Because there’s another life out there, waiting for you

Thank you for what you do to make the world a better place,
Your new fan, motivational speaker Kelly Swanson

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