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That One Thing That Brings You Business

11 Aug Posted by in Business, Motivational Speaker | 1 comment

We’re all looking for that one thing – the secret to getting booked – the one thing that is guaranteed to work, and hopefully won’t take a lot of energy, time, or money to achieve it. I’m here to tell you that I’ve finally learned that one thing that will bring me business. Please hold while I channel Curly from City Slickers:

It’s not one thing.

Sorry to disappoint you. But it’s not one thing that gets you the customer – it’s a combination of things done consistently and things done well. I saw this play out today in my business and I just had to share it with you because it’s a perfect example.

I found the customer through my Google alerts. This where I tell Google to let me know when what I’m selling or who I’m selling it to shows up online.  So I knew they were out there. They were now on my radar. (Note: I did a lot of work on the front end, figuring out what I’m selling and how that translates to what they are searching for online. Unbelievable, but most customers are not going online searching for Kelly Swanson. They are searching for what I sell. And that has become my golden keyword.)

This customer searched online for a speaker, and found (who has better search engine rankings than I do, for certain keywords) – where I happen to have a listing  that I spend a lot of time, energy, and a little money to keep relevant and updated. They posted the job, I answered the post. Did not get job. I know,  hard to believe, but sometimes I don’t get the job. But I now have the customer’s information – when they book, contact, phone number, email, address, etc. I add them to my “stay in touch” list.

As part of my “stay in touch” plan, I contacted this customer through – a wonderful way to contact my potential customer with personalized cards showing them my branding, contact info, and how what I do that fits their industry. This got their attention. (They didn’t remember me from having turned me down years before.) And the contact person said, “Wait a minute, this woman sounds familiar. I think I’ve read her book.” (Point one for having a book that somebody actually read and remembered. That will carry me for several years in the self-esteem department.) “No wait,” she tells herself, “I’ve SEEN this woman before! I loved her.”  (Point two for me having delivered an unforgettable experience for another client. Had my performance been mediocre or forgettable, she would never have remembered me again – regardless of whether I gave her my card or not. And delivering a great experience wasn’t enough for her to remember me and contact me. She didn’t remember until she saw my name again.)

Meanwhile, the committee is searching for other speakers who might fit, where they land on and find me again. This time (because my information is more relevant and convincing) they like what they see. And my name is coming up in several ways on their committee.

She goes online to check out my site – watches some of the video clips. (Point three for giving my clients many opportunities to actually see what they’re getting – big butt and all.) She shows them to her peers – now they want this experience too.

She calls me to book. Doesn’t even care about rate. Doesn’t need me to sell myself. Just wants to know can I do it. In one phone conversation we completed everything including “check is in the mail.”

So let’s recap what that “one thing” actually turned out to be:

1.  Doing my best no matter where I am. There is no better marketing than delivering a fantastic customer experience. That’s how you create fans, and fans will shout your name from the rooftops. But that’s not enough – if you disappear they still might forget you, even if you were great.

2.  Finding where my customers go to conduct business (online, by the way, is where most of them are going) to find people who do what I do. I also look for places where they talk, and for example. You may not like trivial posts on Facebook, but you won’t mind so much if they bring you business.

3.  Finding places other than my website to post information about myself – some of them I actually pay for – including blogs which get picked up by the search engines. (I share these blogs through my social media, where some of my past clients are hanging out too, remembering that I’m still here.)

4.  Having marketing material that convinces them I’m the one for them. There is no excuse for poor marketing materials. I know – I’ve been there. I wasn’t just a member of the poor marketing materials club, I was their president.

5.  Following up. Not just once, but repeatedly, in a polite non-stalking way. (I used to make one call and if I didn’t hear back, I never called again. Mistake. Well, I still don’t call. I’m tired of that cold calling process. I use other ways to get their attention now.)

6. Having videos that show them the value I will bring to them. Or articles. Or free goodies. Or workbooks. Or making them laugh when I talk to them. Or encouraging people. Or just walking my talk. I try to be a resource, sharing my information, rather than a walking elevator pitch.

So that’s my one thing. Do all bookings work out this nicely? No. But a lot of them do when you remember that it’s not one thing that gets you business – it’s never one thing. It’s a combination of smart things, with value, done consistently. And you can’t use my one things – that’s the point – you have to find what works for you. My customers aren’t the same as your customers, and my product isn’t the same as your product.

Now go out there and take a second look at how you’re getting business!

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  1. Scott Rayburn08-12-11

    I just love this. Just what I needed today! Thanks Much, Scott.

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