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Teachers To Blame For Kids Hating School?

03 Sep Posted by in Motivational Speaker | Comments

Teachers to blame for kids hating schools? I don’t think so.

I have been hearing a lot of children talking about how much they are dreading the start of school – how they hate school because it’s boring and not fun. And I hear others blame the teachers for that. Sure, there are probably boring teachers out there. Sure, fractions aren’t as fun as the water park. But I think we have some misplaced blame going on here.  And so, as the self-proclaimed expert on all things motivational, I would like to add my thoughts on the subject.

1. Kids want to fit in and be like the others. That means they will dress like them, talk like them, copy them, and even believe the same things their friends believe. So if their cool cousin hates school – or the kids on their favorite TV show hate school – then they are going to profess a hatred for school too. It’s called peer pressure. My son did not hate school until his friends told him to. So it’s our job AS PARENTS to teach our children to love school and to combat the urge to be like the other kids.

2. Kids expect to be entertained. My son loves to sit in front of a loud TV for as long as I will let him – with noise, crazy antics, and a laugh track that can be heard in Canada. Thanks to my poor parenting, I have created a kid that doesn’t know what to do when the TV is off. That puts a lot of pressure on his teacher – who is now expected to deliver education like a campy sitcom, or my child will not find it fun. So it’s my job as A PARENT to teach my child to entertain himself without the help of television and video games. To teach him that there are times when he must sit still and be quiet and listen.

3. We teach our children how to work – not the teachers. It is my job to teach my son that there is  time for work and a time for play. If I let him play all the time, then he goes to school with no ability to turn off play and get to work. We can’t blame the teacher because he won’t work – nor can we expect the teacher to do what we should have been doing all along. It’s just not fair.

4. Our children’s words will become part of their belief system. Okay, this is your motivational speaker talking here. What you say is what you will believe. If you say you dread going to work, then you will. If you say that today’s going to be a disaster, then it will. And if your child says he hates school, then he has just created his reality, and he will in fact hate it. No matter what. The words we tell ourselves have tremendous power – the power to affect how we will function in the world around us. It’s our job AS PARENTS to teach our children that their words will create their attitude and in turn create that reaction. Simply put, if my child says he hates school, he will. And that’s not the teacher’s fault – it’s his.

We all keep saying that the education system is broken and we are so quick to blame teachers. But it’s time that we as parents point a finger to ourselves, and admit our part in all of this, and where we might have gone astray. And if we’re not willing to do the work, then at least we should be brave enough to take the blame for it, instead of putting it on the teacher.

Please don’t hear me say that you are a bad parent. I don’t determine your standard for parenting. You do. But do hear me say that I have found a place where my own parenting has come up short. I have found a place were there is more work to be done – by me – not by my community. Please don’t hear me say that your child has a bad attitude. I’m just saying that mine does, and I’m going to roll up my sleeves and try to fix it. I might not win the best nutrition award, or the cleanest house award, or even a clean house award – but if there’s one thing I can do, it’s to teach my child that his words will become his reality, and that if he says he hates something – he will.

Enough said. I’ve got work to do.  It’s another school year!

Your wacky motivational speaker just trying to get through life one day at a time.

Kelly Swanson

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