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Speak Now, Or Forever Hold Your Peace…

18 Oct Posted by in Motivational Speaker | Comments

This is a constant source of anxiety for me – when to keep my mouth shut, and when to speak up.  I’m afraid that there have been many times in my life when I kept quiet where truth should have spoken – and even more times when I spoke out of turn and it would have been better if I had remained silent. As a motivational speaker I encourage people to stand up and stick out for what they believe in, which is easy to tell them when I don’t have to live with the consequences. But one of the truths I believe in still remains my truth: With courage comes consequence. Be courageous anyway.

And so I find myself struggling (now more than ever) with the decision to speak or remain silent. Questioning the validity of my truths. Examining my motives to determine if they are pure or self serving. I find myself teetering between fighting for what I believe in, and being called to love without condition. Between convincing others to see it my way, or remaining silent. I know there’s a happy place in the middle. I’m just not sure where that happy place is.

I wish I had the answers. I know as a motivational speaker, I’m supposed to give you great knowledge. But instead I only bring you questions. The questions I am asking myself these days when I am faced with the decision to speak or remain silent. And I welcome any questions you’d like to add to my list. I’d like to think that when we take these steps, we are at least working towards a sense of unity, rather than conflict.

So here is what I ask myself when faced with the decision to speak up or be silent:

1. Have I been asked my opinion? Or am I offering unsolicited advice?

2. Have I really stepped into their shoes and seen this situation from their eyes? From their heart?

3. Could I be wrong?

4. What is the source of my truth? Who defines it? Where do I go to determine what I believe in? And how credible is it?

5. Is my motive to lash out or am I speaking in love? Really? Am I filled with rage, or am I calm and at peace?

6. What are the consequences if I speak out? To me and to those around me?

7. What are the consequences if I don’t speak out?

8. Am I willing to see this through to the end?

9. Am I prepared to speak out? Am I equipped with facts and knowledge and a strong case?

10. Am I speaking out against a person, or for a principle? Can I keep my comments objective and centered around truth and facts, rather than emotional and centered around feelings and blame?

These are the questions I’m asking myself these days. And while I don’t always have the answers, somehow I do better if I at least ask myself the questions. If you have any to add, or question the ones I have listed, please speak now – or forever hold your peace.

Your wacky, sometimes deep, pretty much always confused,
Motivational Speaker Kelly Swanson




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