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Motivational Speakers Ask “How’s Your Give and Take?”  //  Motivational Speakers on Serving

30 Apr Posted by in Motivational Speaker | Comments

To Give Is To Get

Motivational speakers know the value in give and take. We’ve seen first hand what happens when we genuinely seek to serve, and how that comes back ten fold. But sometimes we get a little off balance and our “take” outweighs our “give.”  Or maybe we are so focused on what we need, that we forget what we have to share. Or maybe we feel like if we give away, then we lose what we have – so we hold our secrets close to the vest – afraid we will fall if we give away our spot.

How much are you giving? And how much are you taking?

Is your giving genuine? Or do you just say, “Thanks! Let me know if I can ever help you!” And consider that good enough.

Do you truly look at the opportunities you have been given, and then give them to others? Or do you handpick the ones that don’t cost too much to share?

When you give do you keep a tally and look to be repaid for the favor?

How’s Your Give and Take? In Balance?


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