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Motivational Speaker Kelly Swanson Dishes Out Some Tough Love

01 Feb Posted by in Motivational Speaker | 2 comments

If my husband were a motivational speaker instead of me, his speech would consist of three words: GET OVER IT. Okay, so maybe it’s harsh. And maybe it won’t fill a book. But those three words hold great value in the process of going after your dream, of getting out of the pot hole in the yellow brick road of life and moving forward.

I have done plenty of whining in my life – sometimes for good reason. But good reason doesn’t factor into whining. No matter what your reason or excuse, whining does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to help fix the problem, reframe your perspective, and charge you forward. The only thing whining does is annoy people. And it becomes your tool to stay stuck – the warm blanket thrown over you in your comfort zone – as you go out and cry for all those who will hear and comfort you and tell you for the hundredth time that it will be okay.

So to those of you out there who are wringing your hands and quitting on your dream because you’re just not good enough – because the business isn’t jumping into your lap – because you aren’t as popular as someone else – because they are getting business and you aren’t – it’s time for a little tough love. Get over it. The choice is yours. Make it or not. Your friends won’t make it for you, and your motivational speaker won’t show up on your door step every day to light the fire. Quit hiding behind your excuse of the day – and MOVE. Take action. I can already hear you saying, “But I don’t know what to do.”  Figure it out! My second favorite three words. And if you choose to take your ball and go home – then take your ball and go home, and quit standing on the sidelines crying because you can’t play. You’re distracting the rest of us who are willing to take the steps and climb over our fear.

I know this is mean. I feel like a bully for even saying it. But sometimes the nicest thing you can do is to tell someone what they don’t want to hear.

So to those out there who needed to hear this – hear it. Make a choice. And if you decide to stay in the race and put your excuses and blame behind you, then I will be with you every step of the way. On that, you can count on.

Your tough love motivational speaker with the best intentions,

Kelly Swanson

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"Why does he get the cool tricycle, and I don't?"

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  1. Linda Larsen02-01-12

    I think we should send this blog out EN MASS to the world! I know a LOT of people who should not only hear this message – but take it to heart and APPLY it! And well, if truth be known, there are times that I need to hear it too! Thanks, Kelly!

  2. Polly Pitchford02-01-12

    We need more tough love words like yours, Kelly! It’s so true what you say about others telling you for the hundredth time that it will be OK. Not only do we need less whiners, but we need less people comforting them (although I did appreciate, for a time, the comfort I’ve gotten along my sometimes whiney path!) Great advice!

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