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Motivational Speaker Asks: Which Kid Were You?

04 Feb Posted by in Motivational Speaker | Comments

motivational speakersWhich kid were you on the playground? The bully? The shy one? The over dramatic one? The bossy one? The girl swinging her hair over her shoulder with the other little girls following her like baby chicks? Were you the one whose Dad was upset because you liked chemistry instead of football? Were you the one that adults kept telling to stop dreaming and get real? Were you the one who believed your mother when she said you were stupid? Were you the one that was never picked? Were you the one who looked in the mirror and desperately wished to be someone else? Which one were you?

Take a moment to remember. For some of us, it’s a long way back. Remember the feelings. Look at how those feelings affected the choices you made. Remember how you wished others would treat you.

Now come back to today. Do you still carry around those feelings? Are you still walking around feeling like you don’t fit in? Do you believe things about yourself that you believed as a kid, that just aren’t true? Are you still making decisions based on those feelings you had as a kid? Is that kid on the playground keeping you trapped – keeping you from being the person you know you could be?

It’s time to tell that kid on the playground good-bye. It’s time to appreciate and even celebrate that every experience in your life, even the painful ones, have made you who you are today, and you are stronger because of it. It’s time to step into the bold confident people we were created to be, and stop making decisions to please that kid on the playground.

I’m ready. Are you?

Your Wacky Motivational Speaker Who Just Said Good-Bye To Her Childhood – Kelly Swanson

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