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Motivation and Humor for Speakers (5 W’s & H) Part 3  //  Humor - Who, What, Where

26 Jul Posted by in Motivational Speaker | Comments

Who Should Use Humor?

EVERYBODY. Yes, you heard me right. Everybody should find ways to make their audience laugh. Does that mean you have to be a stand-up comedian? No. Please don’t try if you can’t pull it off. Just find ways to make your audience laugh. If it is too intimidating to be funny, then just try to be fun.

What Is Humor?

It is anything that brings a laugh from your listener. There are many styles and ways to make people laugh, and what make one person laugh will not work on another. If I had to define humor in one sentence, I would say it is the element of surprise. Leading your listener to think you are going to say one thing and then surprising them by saying something else. There are tons of books on humor. I don’t recommend reading them unless you are interested in the art of writing humor. If you are, let me know and I will recommend some great learning material.

Where Should You Place Humor In Your Program?

Like I said, anywhere you can. But it’s great to open with humor and close with humor because those moments stay with your audience. However, I tend to open and close with serious – and I’m a comedian. So I’m already disobeying my own advice.

Humor is great to use in places where you want to show your audience what happens when your advice is not followed. Humor is a great way to allow them to connect with you, by showing your vulnerable side. People don’t connect to your perfection; they connect to your imperfection.

Motivation and Humor for Speakers (5 W’s and an H) Intro

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