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Motivation and Humor for Speakers (5 W’s & H) Part 1  //  Motivation - Who, What, Where

26 Jul Posted by in Motivational Speaker | Comments

Who Should Use Motivation In Their Speeches?

Everybody. Not just the motivational speaker, but any speaker who wants to create an experience for the audience – which, by the way, is why you were hired to come speak. If they only wanted information, they could have just looked it up on the Internet, or bought the book, and saved a lot of money. They want more. They want the experience and the emotion. They want to know they can do it too. They want to be challenged, and energized. They want passion. The speaker who motivates the audience will always win out over the one who doesn’t. I would venture to say that every speaker is a motivational speaker- or should be.

What about you? Do you think that every speaker should seek to motivate the listener? Why? Give some thought to it. It’s the difference in a forgettable teacher and an unforgettable teacher.

What Is Motivation?

Look it up. (Sorry, channeled my father there for a minute). I’m sure Webster has a great definition but I have my own. I’ve already described it to you. I think motivation is the art of relaying your truth/information in a way that reaches your listener deeper than just their intellect. It’s the art of relating to the audience and encouraging them to adopt these truths.

It’s the art of showing the message versus telling the message. The ability to get them to really believe what you are selling. To touch their emotions. To deliver information in a way that they can relate to you – that makes an emotional connection. That motivates them to change, empowers them to grow, inspires them to achieve. It’s very hard to describe, but you know it when you see it.

Where In The Program Should Motivation Come In? At Which Moment?

If I could only choose one place, I’d choose the end. It’s the natural place (in a speech or an article) for a call to action – for some encouragement – for some “I know what you’re thinking”. But I don’t just use it at the end.  I weave it in several times in my keynotes.

Where do you think motivation should occur?

Motivation and Humor for Speakers (5 W’s and an H) Intro

Motivation and Humor for Speakers (5 W’s and an H) Next (Part 2)

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