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Motivation and Humor for Speakers (5 W’s & H) Part 4  //  Humor - When, Why, How

26 Jul Posted by in Motivational Speaker | Comments

When Should You Use Humor?

Any doggone chance you get, unless you’re talking about a very sensitive issue and then you need to tread carefully. But even if your subject is dry or extremely sensitive, I still say you can weave humor into your program. You just have to be more strategic about it. My point is that humor isn’t just for humorists.

Why Humor?

People LOVE to laugh. It is healing. It is fun. It is entertaining. It brings the energy up. It moves the program along at a great pace.

When people laugh, they release stress. They have a positive experience, and connect you to that feeling.

When you get an audience laughing, you are priming the pump for a serious message. There is no more powerful time in my program to deliver a serious message than in that moment following a big laugh.

When audiences laugh, they relate to you and the experiences you share. When they relate, they believe you and what you are telling them. They feel a bond with you because you understand them.

Audiences are tired of boring crappy speakers. They will always pick the funny one if given a choice. Funny is a draw for events. People will come out to see funny. I get booked for many events where they tell me they don’t have a choice – they must have a funny motivational speaker – it’s what the audience wants.

How Do You Use Humor?

Got all day?  Because I could talk all day and still not cover everything I have learned about making people laugh. If I had to sum it up in one piece of advice, I would say to find what works for you. All of us at some point or another have been able to make people laugh, whether we did it on purpose or not. Find out what you do that makes people laugh and keep doing it.

Watch for those places in your program that get a life. Now do them again the next time.

If you can’t deliver a funny line, use a funny picture, or a funny expression. Use quirks about your personality. Be silly. Come out of your comfort zone.

Use stories instead of jokes.

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