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Making Memories

28 Mar Posted by in Motivational Speaker | 1 comment

I was reading this awesome blog post (on  by my motivational speaker friend, Polly Pitchford (link below)- where she’s talking about sitting around the dinner table growing up. And I took an immediate road trip in my mind to those nights at the dinner time – where we fought, laughed, shared, cried, prayed, and ate. I remember playing outside until dark and your mother yelled “dinner” from the front porch, and how each of us knew when it was our mother’s voice. The time my sister didn’t come when called and my mother put her dinner on the porch for her to eat out there. I remembered the time that my sister didn’t get to go to Spring Break with her friends, and wrote a dissertation for my parents – explaining why she should go – and read it at dinner. (They didn’t let her go. She cried through dinner.)  I remember the smell of stuffed peppers that could turn my day into a nightmare – and the feeling of trying to get them down my throat, because we had to eat everything on our plates due to some starving children in China. I remember when Mom told us over spaghetti that she was pregnant when I was fifteen. I remember my father cracking jokes and daring us $5 to drink the juice from the hot pepper jar. And I did it. I remember the smells of Thanksgiving, and the glow of candles at Christmas. I remember every dish my relatives were famous for – and the sight of one last roll left. I remember Dad telling stories of being a poor kid, but always having enough food on the table for a family of nine and stray friends – that meat was a luxury, but beans and cornbread were plenty. I remember eating pintos and cornbread thinking it was the best meal ever – only to learn later it was the cheapest meal ever and that’s why we had it so much. So much of my life and my memories were formed around that dinner table. It reminds me what memories we are making today when we do something as simple as eat dinner together. What about you? What do you remember from the dinner table?

Oh, yeah, and here’s Polly’s post that triggered this whole trip down memory lane. Gotta run. I’m hungry.

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  1. Polly Pitchford03-29-12

    Yay! I love your dinner memories, Kelly! There are so many more to blog about, so many many more but I think I’ll dole them out as my mom used to doll out Sugar Wafers – like gold!

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