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It’s Time To Ask For What You Want

27 Jun Posted by in Motivational Speaker | 8 comments

I was reading a great post by a motivational speaker friend of mine, Marilyn Sherman – a great lady, and a dynamic speaker. The post (link listed below) is about motivating winners and going into the game talking about winning the game. When I encourage people in my programs to see where they want to go – this is exactly what I am talking about – seeing what the end looks like. Asking for it. Many times we don’t know what to ask for, and when we do, we’re afraid to say the words. So today, we’ll say the words. Take a moment, whether in the quiet of your living room, or in the public eye of Facebook, or to a friend over coffee – to ask for what you want. Put it out there. Say the words. Speak the vision. You will walk away with a sense of courage you didn’t have before – and a sense that maybe just maybe you will get this dream after all.

And I’m happy to go first. Here is something I want:

I want to speak at a national association’s annual conference in 2013.

No, that’s not true.

I want to speak for three national association’s annual conferences in 2013.

What are you asking for?

Here’s the link:


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  1. Paula06-27-12

    You message is timely! I hope you recall our last conversation. I want to get the job I am interviewing for on Friday! :-) stay tuned…

  2. Karen Sanders06-27-12

    Just did it. You’ve been instrumental in the change of thinking I’ve had this summer. What kind of conferences do you want?

  3. kelly06-27-12

    I want conferences where every state is represented, where the audience size is over a thousand, where each state would have the ability to bring me in on their own, and where the audience is a GREAT fit for me – meaning mostly women who want lots of laughter and motivation, working in jobs where service is a big factor, as in healthcare, nursing, nursing assistants, teachers, teacher assistants, cafeteria ladies, school staff, social workers, case workers, government groups, admin groups, home based businesses like Cookie Lee, Scrapbooking companies, and other types of businesses that are often woman owned and run out of the home – where the budget is big enough to handle my fee, and perhaps even big enough to hire both me and Josh. Where the conference is looking for “something bigger” than what they are used to, and where the show is just as important as the content.

    Detailed enough for ‘ya? :) Thanks, Karen, for making me really spell my “ask” out. Did you get real detailed on yours too? Remember, we can’t get there if we don’t know what “there” looks like.

    I’m so happy our paths crossed, and that we can take this journey together. I’m thinking of you often and sending lots of warm prayers your way.

    Hugs, Kelly

  4. kelly06-27-12

    Hi Paula! Yes, I remember our conversation! I hope you get the job too. And if you don’t, that means there is something more exciting behind door number two. Sending lots of prayers your way. Walk in there Friday with all the confidence of a woman who knows her gifts and talents. I’ll be ordering more of your AWESOME peanut brittle soon. Yes, I ate the entire order you sent me. :) Waiting to order more when I know I have a show coming up – so they can go in my new “Fairy Tale Reconstruction Kits”. My husband told me not to split the bags up, but to put a bag in each kit. More pricey, but the customers are going to love your brittle. They deserve a whole bag. Hugs, Kelly

  5. Karen Sanders06-27-12

    I got very specific. I didn’t at first, then thought, “I’m setting myself up here.” I’m so glad, too! Thanks for the prayers. By the way, you’d have been fantastic at the International conference I attended in June.

  6. kelly06-27-12

    Yeah, I think it helps to get really specific. Otherwise it’s hard to measure whether we’ve achieved our goals when they aren’t clearly defined. I’m glad you thought I would be great at the international conference – do you know anybody on the committee? I would love it if you passed my name along. Never hurts. Especially since you were their favorite speaker!!!!!! :)

  7. Karen Sanders06-27-12

    I have names. I can send yours to them. It happens every other year, so you’d have time to prepare ;-)

  8. kelly06-27-12

    Awesome! Thanks! Just send it to

    Love you to pieces!

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