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If you’re miserable at work, maybe it’s time to change jobs

24 Feb Posted by in Motivational Speaker | 2 comments

I love it when people/motivational speakers/bloggers point out things that need to be said. This blog is about how people who are obviously miserable at work should think about doing something else because life’s too short to be miserable. So read this post, and ask yourself how you are perceived in the workplace.


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  1. Bill02-25-12

    I didn’t see the post as simply a recommendation to get another job if you hate your job, but to be creative when in a job that tends to be boring and difficult. The example of the flight attendant who spiced up the pre-flight safety routine reminded me of your “Stand Up and Stick Out” concept. I’m just sayin’.

  2. kelly02-25-12

    You have a good point Bill. It is a great example of my Stand Up and Stick Out idea – that it’s different that gets us noticed and remembered in a crowded market. I also like how the fun flight attendant found a way to make her job fun. Many of us expect the job to do all the work – the circumstances to change so we’ll be happy. When the true key is learning how to take that situation and MAKE it fun. FIND a way to be different. CREATE opportunities to stand up and stick out. Not only will it serve you well. It will get you business.

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