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I Want What She’s Got!

21 Jun Posted by in Motivational Speaker | Comments

I struggle with coveting my neighbor’s stuff. Show me an iPod, and I want one. Show me a new pair of boots, and I’m wearing them by lunch. Tell me you’ve got a stalker and I’m jealous that nobody wants to stalk me. And it never really occurs to me that sometimes people look at me and want what I have! I know – who knew? It baffles me that somebody would covet my life. Not that my life isn’t great. Because it is. But that someone would think that I live a star’s life. Many motivational speakers are mistaken for having this glamorous life – me included. So in case any of you are reading my blog posts, and wishing you had what I have – let me please make sure you are coveting what I truly have, not what you think I have.

It’s not my career on the stage that you want – it’s my confidence to get up in front of people and be okay if I fall.

It’s not my salary that you want (trust me!) – it’s the courage to ask for what I know I’m worth.

It’s not my talent that you want – it’s the freedom to let go of what I’m not good at in favor for what I am good at.

It’s not the jobs that you want – it’s the determination to work my butt off to get them.

It’s not my sense of humor you want  – it’s the ability to find joy in every situation.

It’s not my hair that you want – it’s the precise amount of crazy to go out and buy hair extensions and actually wear them.

It’s not my applause that you want – it’s the courage to put yourself out there and trust that your dream matters – to throw your arms out and dance, even if the undersides jiggle like a bat’s wings.

It’s not my family that you want – it’s the courage to accept people for who they are and love them anyway.

It’s not my happiness that you want – it’s my faith. For it’s not me you see – but the light of something greater and bigger than I could ever hope to be.

So when you look at me and think you want what I’ve got, please be sure to ask for what it is you truly see. Because THAT you can definitely get.

Your motivational speaker who has to go because she just saw a purse she just has to have.

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