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Creating The Life You Want Versus The Life You’ve Got

07 May Posted by in Motivational Speaker | Comments

I was reading this great post (link below) by a friend of mine, Paul Templer, a fellow motivational speaker, about evaluating where you spend your energy to see if it aligns with your desired outcome. It’s something I need to be reminded of daily – to look at where I am focusing my energies – and seeing how they measure up to where I WANT to focus my energies. Often they are out of alignment.

So today I simply ask myself – what is the life I want? What does good health look like for me? What does quality family time look like? What does my dream look like?

And now I look at how I spent yesterday. Oops.

And how I spent the day before. Oops.

And how I am spending today. Oops.

So it’s time to pick up the eraser – no, can’t go back – the pen, and write a new ending. It’s time to STOP focusing on this distraction, and START focusing on the goal. One moment at a time.

We are not the readers of our fairy tales – we are the authors. We can create the life we want. Or at least get pretty darn close!

What about you?

Here’s Paul’s blog – please read it – you might find renewed strength there.

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