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Being Different Isn’t Enough

24 Feb Posted by in Motivational Speaker | Comments

As a motivational speaker, I ramble on until I’m sick of hearing my own voice teach people to stand up and stick out in a crowded market because nobody notices normal. And I believe it – or else I wouldn’t be saying it on a stage in front of thousands.  I just wandered on to a blog post and was insanely jealous that I didn’t write it impressed by what the writer had to say about copying. Here’s the link so you can go read it:

After reading it, I thought more about my own life and my own business, and came up with these truths on my own about being different:

  • You have to learn the rules before you can figure out how to be different. I can’t be different from my nemesis competitor if I don’t know what they are doing. So I study my peers, and then find my own way.
  • You can’t get different right in one take. Sorry, but that’s the whole thing about taking risks. They don’t come with a guarantee that it will work. So why berate yourself when it doesn’t work? Duh. Sometimes it won’t work. And that’s really cool. Because then you start to see what does. It’s those mess ups that gave me the most material as a speaker!
  • There will be buttheads other people who try to kill your idea before it starts. That’s their job. They are too chicken to take risks, and you’re making them look bad, you go getter you. Ignore the ones telling you that it can’t be done because they’ve been doing it this way for twenty-five years – those are the people still trying to figure out how to work their VCR.
  • Different must have value. See, that’s the thing. You can go paint your hair purple all you want. But just because nobody else has purple hair, doesn’t mean it will get you the job. It may get their attention – but different isn’t just about getting attention – or standing on the street naked would make you a millionaire. What makes you different must translate into some value for them.
  • Different must be relevant. It doesn’t matter if you can create jaw dropping illustrated slides on your overhead projector. Nobody is using the overhead projector.

So instead of telling people to go out there and be different – I guess I need to tell them to go out there and be different with value and relevancy. Yeah. That sounds good. Until I come up with the next  point that will hopefully make me an extra buck brilliant idea to add to the list.

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