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Am I Still Afraid?

28 Nov Posted by in Motivational Speaker | Comments

Being a motivational speaker, I am often asked the question, “Do you still get afraid when you get up on that stage to speak?”

And the answer is YES. I do. Every time.  I’m not always afraid of the same thing – sometimes I’m worried I won’t remember all my lines. Sometimes I’m worried they won’t laugh at my jokes. Sometimes I’m worried that they will be smarter than I am, and realize I am just a small town girl who likes to tell stories and make people feel good. And sometimes I’m simply worried that my butt does look big in these pants. So while my fears change with each new audience, the feeling doesn’t. Fear still exists in some form.

I think fear is a good thing – at least for me. For without fear I would be completely comfortable and I’m not sure I would work as hard to please my audience. And I’m not sure I would stay in the moment. And I’m not sure I would work so hard to prove that I can do this. So perhaps this fear is a gift. And while it is uncomfortable, I will relish it for the blessing that it is.

So yes, I am still afraid. How do I conquer it? I don’t. I just do it anyway. Despite my fear.

Because my dream is bigger than my fear.

And my worry of what might happen, is not worth giving up this chance to dance anyway.

And even if I fall, I just might have to say it was worth it.

And if fear wins, I think I just might get up and try it again.

Because the dream is bigger than my fear.

When you ask me if I am still afraid, I can’t help but think that you ask for a deeper reason than simply curiosity – but rather in the hopes that you will know what to do with your fears. And to that I say, “You don’t do anything with them, except let them be. And decide….is your dream bigger?”

With all the encouragement I have to offer, I whisper in your ear, “Go ahead. Do it. Jump. And let the fear carry you.”

Your wacky motivational speaker who lives in joy and sometimes in fear, Kelly Swanson

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