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To Blog Or Not To Blog…

06 Dec Posted by in Business | Comments

Many of us are kicking and screaming our way into this new day of technology – wondering whether to blog or tweet, link in or post. Some are using this new technology to stay in touch with friends – and those of us in business are using it to network and get business. Most of us know it has value, but we’re not one hundred percent convinced why. Or we know why, we just have no idea how. And so our methods are random and lead us to scratch our heads wondering if this is just another passing fad. It’s not, by the way. It’s here to stay, in some method or another. I don’t have it all figured out – and if I did, it would change as soon as I did. But I have figured out this: Technology is here to help us get our message out to a new audience. We’re doing the same things we’ve always done (marketing, selling, networking) – just in a new playground. Being a motivational speaker, I like to help people reach their dreams. So I will always share what is working for me. And today, it’s about the blog.

I won’t go into a long blog lesson, or the many ways that it has helped my business. Today, I will just share one way that my blog has provided an opportunity for me to grow my business.

As a motivational speaker, I am often asked to make appearances on local television to help promote the event. It’s a great opportunity to help the customer promote the event, a great opportunity to get some cool video footage I can use in my marketing, and a great opportunity for me to spend thirty-seven hours trying on everything in my closet and another thirty-seven hours deciding what to say on Oprah’s couch as she tells the story of how she discovered me one morning on a local TV station and picked up the phone and said, “Find that girl!” So despite the fact that the camera adds thirty pounds and I live in fear that one of my hair extensions will fall out on TV – I jump at the opportunity. Because, as I have said before, my dream is bigger than my fear.

So it was during one of those routine TV promo appearances that I made a decision – the decision not to sit there like a deer caught in the headlights of a car – not to recite the event details like I was reading the dictionary – but to simply be myself. Scary, for those who know me. But one thing I have learned as a motivational speaker is that you are selling yourself at every step of the way. And the best way to do that, is to walk your talk. If you sell motivation and humor – then by golly, BE motivating and humorous wherever you go. If your goal is to make people feel good – then MAKE THEM FEEL GOOD! Does it seem like I’m shouting? Because YES, I AM.

So I went on TV and decided to just be me – big hair, big mouthed, somewhat less than politically correct me. And it felt good. I was walking my talk -Stand Up and Stick Out in a Crowded Market, Because Nobody Notices Normal. Catchy, I know. Don’t take it. It’s mine. And that would make two of us. And the world doesn’t need two of us. It needs for all of us to be unique. Sorry – I digress. You’re probably wondering where the blog fits into all of this? I’m getting there.

When the promo bit was over, I followed up with the TV station with an email telling them that I would love to come back do some of my comedy and motivation if they ever found themselves needing that element in their morning show. And I told them that the best way to keep up with me – as I tell everybody in my audiences – is to stay in touch with me on Facebook, or follow my blog – providing them a link to both. See how easy it is? You are simply giving your “audience” a way to stay in touch with you. Talk about easier than sending out postcards and knocking on doors! And when they start sharing with their friends – and their friends tell their friends – you see how the web of social media becomes a beautiful thing.

So here’s what happened. They signed up for my blog. I forgot all about them – but they didn’t forget all about me because they were getting my blog. Fast forward to this morning when I get an email from them asking me to come back and be a guest on their show – live – doing a comedy bit based on the blog post I did about how to get out of helping during the holidays. A very cool open door. And who knows what other doors it will open. At the very least – I will have a ball and maybe get some more cool video to use in my marketing. At the most? Who knows.

So let this be encouragement for you today – as you sit in front of your computer dreading the chore of writing another blog post. Have faith. Trust the process. You never know when you’re going to write that one post that lands in the right hands. And with blogging, the chance is multiplied.

I’ll let you know how the show goes. In fact, I will be blogging about it and including a video. Google loves videos. But that’s another conversation for another day.

Happy blogging!

Your ever present fount of information – okay, so maybe more like “every now and then even a blind squirrel finds a nut” motivational speaker Kelly Swanson.

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