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The “Dear John” Letter You Never Read…From The Customer Who Just Dumped You For Your Competitor

03 Mar Posted by in Business | Comments

Dear John,

By the time you read this, I’ll be gone.  Don’t try to contact me, it’s too late. I’ve already moved on and found somebody else. I don’t give second chances – not for important decisions like these. I had heard a lot of good things about you before we met – that you were dependable, hard working. I had passed by you many times and was impressed by your image and the way you put yourself together. Yes, you definitely looked good from a distance. And I’ll admit that you made a great first impression – the music, the atmosphere, the attention you paid to detail. It was obvious you spent a lot of time working to set the mood.

And I’ll be the first to say your features are great and you certainly know your strengths and benefits and can verbalize them really well. I was impressed by your charm and knowledge. You’ve got the qualities I look for in a compatible match. But then so do the others. It’s hard to stand out nowadays. Seems like there’s always another one just like you around the corner. I guess I just needed something more.

You were great at first, but the more time we spent together, the more I noticed that you never asked about me. In fact, you did all the talking. I tried to tell you about me and my needs but you didn’t listen. You just kept telling me all you could do. It was like we were having different conversations. I finally realized that you were the only one in this relationship. All you had to do was stop and listen and take a couple of minutes to get to know me. It was that easy. You already had me right in front of you. All you had to do was take some time to hear me out. But you didn’t care.

I was kind of mad at first – but I got over it – after I got on Facebook and told all my friends to stay away from you. Something about telling four hundred of my friends who live near you – who then told hundreds of their friends – made me feel better. And now there’s this cool thing called Twitter where everybody’s talking about you. And you wouldn’t believe how fast word spreads on LinkedIn. I’ve told a lot of people to stay away from you.

You spend all this money trying to come up with new ways of getting attention from people like me. But once you have it, you do nothing with it. You’re so busy running after bigger, better, new, and advanced – that you’ve lost sight of those basic people skills that you can’t be successful without. If you just listen and look, we’ll show you what we want. And it’s not rocket science.

So anyway I found someone else who will listen. Okay, so he’s not as cute as you, and doesn’t have all the perks you did – but he listens to me. He cares. And now I can’t stop telling my friends how much I like him. So this is it. It’s over. I’ll probably never send this letter. What’s the point? You probably wouldn’t read it anyway. Much less listen.

Dissatisfied Customer

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