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Seeing Is Believing: Do you know what your goals really look like?

30 Aug Posted by in Business | 1 comment

As a motivational speaker, I teach you how to get out of that pothole in the yellow brick road of life. And the first thing I will tell you is that you need to see where you are stuck, see where you want to go, and see what is blocking your path from A to B. It sounds basic – “duh, of course we need to see where we’re going” – but I’m surprised at how many of you are chasing after something and you have no idea what it is that you are trying to reach. So of course you’re having trouble getting there!

Whether it’s trying to close more sales, wanting to make more money, or finding Mr. Right – you can’t chase after a dream that has not been clearly defined. Well, actually you can, you’ll just never get there, or maybe you will get there but never realize it because you never knew what “there” was. Confusing, eh? It’s really not.

Let me give you an example. You want your employees to deliver better customer service. Great! So you keep putting that at the top of your priority list, telling them to go out there and wow those customers, and still they aren’t doing it. Have you ever considered that it’s not because they have a bad attitude (though some do) but because they aren’t really clear on what that looks like? And perhaps one employee’s idea of good customer service is radically different from another’s. Have you ever talked about what good customer service should look like, in detail? Do you even know? If not, then it’s time to back up a step and see the goal – not in broad strokes, but in fine print.

Spin the wheel, and given any pothole in any area of your life, and before you can get out you will have to first determine where it is you want to go. See it in vivid colors and details. See it in specifics. Define it. Think about it. Draw it. Put it out there. Build it, so they will come. As a matter of fact, I am now seeing you reading this blog post, sharing it, commenting on it, and saying “You know, we should really have Kelly come talk to our employees about this next Tuesday.”

Hey, a girl can dream.

Thanks for your time,

Your favorite, or maybe only, wacky motivational speaker Kelly Swanson.

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  1. Scott Rayburn08-31-11

    Well said. Thanks for reminding us to take a closer look at what our Goals “Really” are.

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