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Motivational Speaker who is The World’s Greatest?

09 Feb Posted by in Business | 1 comment
World’s greatest? Most sought after? America’s funniest? Best motivational speaker in the universe?

These are the words I see on some websites describing motivational speakers. And I wonder, number one, if they are true – and, number two, do they work? You see, I happen to have this theory that if a place of business calls themselves “quality” or “best” or “world’s leading” – that usually the opposite is true. I don’t want to stay in a hotel that puts “quality” as part of their title. Maybe it’s just me. But I think that if you are an expert – a leader in your industry – America’s most sought after – the funniest, sharpest, most thought-provoking – that it should be someone else determining that – someone else calling you that. And if you give yourself that title. Well, it’s just a little sad. Or maybe it’s just me.

Now I’m all for tooting your horn, and creating promotional content that sells yourself like a rock star – as long as you are truthful, and don’t give yourself titles you didn’t earn. But I think you walk a dangerous road if you start giving yourself titles like “most sought after” – because even if you are, I’m suddenly not sure I believe you. Suddenly I, your consumer, feel that you are lying and bragging. I want to know that my hair dresser is the most in-demand hair dresser in the state. But I don’t want them to tell me that – I want my neighbors to tell me that. Fine to put it in a testimonial – but not fine to put it in the description they give to themselves.

Am I right here? Maybe not. I’m usually wrong more than I’m right. I can only speak from my perspective. I guess I’m just curious what it looks like from where you sit. How do YOU feel when you look up a vendor on the internet and see “world’s greatest” “america’s funniest” “the leading expert in” ?  Do you immediately believe, or do you cross your arms and say prove it?

I spend a lot of time wondering how I can connect with people in a positive way – on and off the platform. I’m sure I get it wrong way more than I get it right. But one of the things I have noticed is that people like real more than they like perfect. People crave authenticity, not shiny and polished. And people want honest – not slick.  And when we start throwing around words about how we are the best – what emotional impact does that have on them? I think it’s negative. But I’m not sure.

Help me out. I would love to know your thoughts. I don’t care if you are a branding expert. I care if you get on the internet and go to websites and buy stuff. What sells, and what doesn’t?

Another deep post from your favorite only, world’s leading will do in a pinch, funniest at least funnier than my mother motivational speaker,
Kelly Swanson

motivational speakers on humility

Once my hair is done, I will call myself the World's Most Sought After Red-Head.

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  1. Linda Larsen02-11-12

    VERY VERY good point, Ms. Swanson. When I try to find a local company online – I look for the Yelp or Google review that tells me what the CUSTOMER thinks of that store. And I LISTEN to what they say. I think I don’t even really SEE the rhetoric that’s in the company’s printed literature.

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