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Introducing The Corporate Comedy Chicks!

07 Jun Posted by in Business | Comments

Three wickedly funny women who run their own successful businesses, manage their families, and deal with the issues that women in business face when trying to reach a new level of success. Each on her own is dynamic.  But put them together and you have a force to be reckoned with! You don’t just have three women giving speeches. You have three women who have woven their content, their brand, and their humor TOGETHER to give you an experience you’ve never seen before. You’ll love the show. You’ll love the humor. You’ll love the way they make you think and challenge you to grow. You’ll love the Corporate Comedy Chicks.

Three times the laughs, three times the fun, three times the content, three times the magic!

They bring you a brand new keynote experience – with the ability to not only deliver a show that will have your audience talking about it for years – but the ability to also come and deliver a complete package of keynotes and breakout sessions to make your conference complete.  And they’re exploding with ideas to turn your hum-drum been-there-done-that conference into something fresh, new and exciting.

Check them out today!

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