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Guest Writer Jennifer Lee on Re-Training Your Brain

21 Jan Posted by in Business | Comments

It’s that time again…the time when we start running around saying “starting January 3rd, I’m going to…” Notice how we still give ourselves a few extra days…:). We tend to slow down at the end of the year and take stock in what is working and not working in our lives. What’s important is taking action to make those changes! Here is one of my Coach Jenn Lee success secrets to keeping your new years resolutions this year. Actually, it works for starting any new habit in your life!

Success Secret #1 – Re-Train Your Brain.

Most resolutions are based on developing a new habit, which usually means you have to learn how to quit a current bad habit. For a new habit to be formed, you have to slow down and think before you act, in other words you must master the art of delayed gratification. Let’s face it, we live in an instant gratification world…slowing down takes a little practice!

Before attempting to adopt this new habit, try practicing delayed gratification or retraining your brain on something that doesn’t have a big impact on your life. Hold your briefcase, purse or even cell phone on the opposite shoulder. Test yourself – its harder than you think. Normally you can only handle it for a few seconds before your brain says – “hey, this isn’t what you usually do – switch.” Force yourself to hold off as long as possible. This exercise will re-train your brain to slow down and think first.

Now, use this same technique to help you with your new habit. As you attempt your new habit, and it feels weird or odd…tell yourself, it’s OK that it feels weird or odd…keep going. Whatever bad habit you are trying to break…you have to slow down and retrain your brain to think first. Then choose your new habit instead.

Try it out! You can do it!

About Jennifer Lee…

Speaker, Trainer and Life Navigational Coach, Jennifer Lee has been empower
ing, motivating and guiding individuals through life’s many twists and turns for over 20 years. Coach Jenn’s energetic approach and real world coaching strategies have made her a regular contributor to local FOX and CBS morning shows as well as featured writer and motivational speaker to thousands across the country. Sign up for her very popular weekly “Life Navigational” tips newsletter at
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